Criminal Law

Have you been arrested on a drug charge or a DUI? Who better to defend you against these types of charges than a former deputy?


You know you’re getting more than a Tampa Bay personal injury attorney when you hire William Franchi, the Lawfather, at Franchi Law. As a former deputy, William logged nearly six years of law-enforcement experience in the Tampa Bay region. His knowledge in this area informs Franchi Law’s management of criminal-defense cases, including charges of drug possession or driving under the influence of controlled substances.

Convictions for these offenses carry a variety of penalties, such as fines, driver’s license suspensions, and prison sentences. Contact Franchi Law in this difficult time to find out how the Lawfather can help. Not only a personal injury lawyer near Brandon, Florida, William Franchi is also a skilled criminal-defense attorney who can negotiate for your specific situation.

Whether you need legal assistance with a vehicle accident in Town ‘n’ Country, Florida, or a defense lawyer who can help with DUI or drug charges, the Lawfather at Franchi Law should be your first call. Call (813) 314-7964 to schedule your consultation.